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Our Vision

Our vision is for inclusive experiences that are accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance social participation and outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

We achieve this through providing fun, flexible, safe and memorable supported holiday and travel experiences.

Our Values



We have dignity when

• we feel listened to

• we are free to make our own decisions

• we set ourselves challenges and take new risks

• we are being supported to achieve our goals

• our rights are being protected



We have good relationships when

• we trust each other

• we communicate genuinely

• we feel supported and valued

• we feel confident to speak up for ourselves

• we speak up for others

• we feel included

• we are all treated fairly

• we all feel safe



We are collaborating when

• we work together as equals

• we value and acknowledge our differences

• we support each other’s strengths

• we can share our experiences openly and freely

• we experience that our voices are heard equally



We are innovative when

• we embrace diversity, creativity and technology

• we challenge our boundaries, routines and expectations

• we explore new ways of changing our world

• we choose to make our future inclusive by design



We achieve quality when

• we are striving to be our best

• we accept our setbacks and choose better ways forward

• we are playing by the rules and exceeding legislative standards

• we are sharing our feedback and acting on ways to improve

• we have holiday experiences that exceed our guests’ expectations