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How Do We Support You in the Community?

Our experienced community support team provides a range of services that are tailored to meet your preferences and match you with the right support for you. Together, we will  co-design a personalised service plan to support you to achieve your goals. 

We are are a registered NDIS provider in Western Australia and can provide a suite of community support services.  


Personal Assistance

Our team can provide private personal assistance with all daily activities, including eating, meal preparation, personal hygiene and continence management. 

Mobility Support

We provide mobility support to assist with making activities more accessible. Our experience support team is well-trained in the use of various lifting hoists, wheeled commodes, manual and electric to wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. 


Our experienced staff can provide specific communication support for guests with speech, hearing and vision impairments using a range of preferred techniques, Auslan, key word sign, sighted guide, devices and aids.

Social Support

Our support team can assist you with community interactions, trying new things, learning new skills and experiencing new places. 

Medication Support

Our qualified staff can provide assistance with Webster-packed or unit dose medications, eye drops, creams, inhalers, CPAP machines, diabetes support, nutrition management or modified diets as required.


Our team wants you to experience fun, relaxed and stress-free activities. Our friendly staff offer social support, guidance, companionship and reassurance to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

Small Group Activities – What's the Right Support for You?

Getting the right support for you is what matters most.

In our small group activities (max. 4 participants) participants request the type and intensity of personal support they require to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Small groups offer the benefit of shared service costs and are the most popular choice for guests with low to moderate support needs seeking social opportunities, a break away from home or the chance to enjoy other interests. 



Independent (1:3)

Independent (1:3)

One guest service staff to three guests. These services are best suited for low-level support with daily living, safety, communication and social behaviours. Service costs are subject to minimum tour numbers.

Assistance (1:2)

Assistance (1:2)

One guest service staff to two guests. These services are best suited for moderate support and assistance with daily living, personal care, reduced mobility, safety, communication and/or social behaviours.

Assistance (1:1)

Assistance (1:1)

One guest service staff to one guest. These services are best suited for guests requiring high-level assistance with most or all daily living tasks, mobility, personal safety, communication and/or social behaviours.