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Can I use NDIS funding to pay for my service?

Yes, subject to certain conditions.

We are a registered NDIS provider for a range of NDIS support items and services that may apply to the costs associated with your selected eligible service.

The NDIS does not fund “holidays” but may fund reasonable and necessary support (away from home) that helps you achieve your NDIS goals and provide opportunities to improve social and personal outcomes.

Supports funded by the NDIS need to:

  • Be related to the participant’s disability;
  • Not include day-to-day living costs not related to a participant’s;
  • Be disability support needs;
  • Represent value for money; and
  • Be likely to be effective and beneficial to the participant.

Information for NDIS participants

Our personalised services, and the unique preferences of each participant, mean there is no “one size fits all” approach when you are choosing to utilise your NDIS funding to use our services.


How much of my service will NDIS pay for?

The amount of funding you can allocate to your service will depend on which service interests you and your NDIS goals, plan and budget. While every individual goal, plan and budget is unique the most common arrangements for multiday services are where:

NDIS funds support only. You co-pay all other costs.
This applies if you have community participation and core support funding available to fund the SUPPORT ONLY costs of your service. The balance of all other daily costs (meals, accommodation, transport, activities) are paid as co-payment privately by the participant.


NDIS funds support, accommodation and meals. You co-pay all other costs.
This applies if you have Short-Term Accommodation (STA) funding available in your core budget to take a break from home or achieve other personal goals. Most daily costs are NDIS funded with co-payments for additional transport, activities, tickets, fares.

Understanding the Pricing Table

Refer to the pricing table for your preferred service to estimate your funded and co-payment costs depending on which type of funding you aim to use to achieve your goals. You may eligible to partially or fully fund some of your getaway costs. You can contact to the team anytime for a personalised item quote that suits your budget and supports your goals. 


Travel & Essentials Package

Per person,  varies in costs depending on itinerary and includes:

  • Transport kilometer fees or Daily Shared Hire Vehicle Fees
  • Transportation – including any train, flight, bus, cruise fares
  • Ticketed Activities and Entertainment
  • Travel Insurance, Photo Memory Prints (or USB)

Will NDIS fund Travel & Essentials?

Generally No. These are personal expenses of your service and usually paid for by the traveller.(NDIS may partially apply for transport or travel (km’s))

Meals & Accommodation Package

Per person lodgings,  varies in costs depending on itinerary and includes:

  • Single, private bathroom accommodation
  • twin share by request
  • Self catered and bistro meals daily B/L/D
  • Morning and Afternoon Tea
  • Water, fruit and snacks.

Will NDIS fund Meals & Accommodation?

Yes, Only if short-term accommodation funds are available from your core support budget and assists you to achieve your goals. 

Support Package

Per person package varies according to the ratio (1:1, 1:2, 1:4) and time of support:

  • 24 hour non-active overnight
  • (16 hours active at award excursion conditions+ non-active onsite sleepover)
  • Complex care and active overnight by request. 
  • Personalised, goal orientated support and outcomes

Will NDIS fund a Support Package?

Yes , Either paid as integrated support in short-term accommodation or from shared community or core support funds if available from your plan budget and this assists you to achieve your goals.