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Staff - Rhys and Kerry

Who is my support team

Our permanent support team are dedicated, experienced, qualified  and friendly. We strive to deliver a values and rights based service to support you, with social and daily life in shared group or individual settings.

The team comes with a diverse range of interests, backgrounds, ages, skills and travel experiences. We carefully match the right support team to ensure a stress-free, fun and safe getaway. Rest easy knowing the team have you covered and it’s no problem to meet or talk with your support staff before you go. 


NDIS Funded Supports

Social Solutions WA is a NDIS registered provider of the following  services:

  • Assistance with Personal Activities
  • Group / Centre Activities
  • Development-Life Skills
  • Daily Tasks / shared Living
  • Community Participation
  • Innovative Community Participation
  • Accommodation and Tenancy
  • Assist- Travel and Transport

Service prices are determined by the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits published on the NDIS website.

Choosing the Right Support Ratio for You?

Getting the right support for you is what matters most. In our small group activities (max. 8-10) participants request the type and intensity of personal support they require to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Small groups offer the benefit of shared service costs and are the most popular choice for guests with low to moderate support needs seeking social opportunities, a break away from home or the chance to enjoy other interests. 

3-1 Ratio
Shared Support Ratio 1:3

1 Staff to 4 Guests These services are best suited to independent guests who...

Have good social skills and enjoy group environments
Require minimal guidance in the community.
Are independent with all personal care activities;
Able to carry or wheel own luggage over short distances (300m)
Able to walk at a relaxed – medium pace up to 650m
Can participate in a full day of community activities
Shared Support Ratio 1:2

1 Staff to 2 Guests - These services are best suited to supported guests who... 

Can participate in up to 6 hours of “relaxed paced” activities daily.
Shared Support Ratio 1:1

1 Staff to 1 Guest - These services are best suited to supported guests who ...

Require a high level of assistance with most or all of their daily living skills.
Have physical needs that require full assistance with mobility (Please note people who require assistance to operate a wheelchair will always require 1:1
Requires close individual supervision, guidance, or assistance.




Our team wants you to experience fun, relaxed and stress-free activities. Our friendly staff offer social support, guidance, companionship and reassurance to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.

Social Support


Our support team can assist you with community interactions, trying new things, learning new skills and experiencing new places. 

Personal Assistance


Our team can provide private personal assistance with all daily activities, including eating, meal preparation, personal hygiene and continence management. 

Mobility Support


We provide mobility support to assist with making activities more accessible. Our experience support team is well-trained in the use of various lifting hoists, wheeled commodes, manual and electric to wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. 



Our experienced staff can provide specific communication support for guests with speech, hearing and vision impairments using a range of preferred techniques, Auslan, key word sign, sighted guide, devices and aids.

Medication Support


Our qualified staff can provide assistance with Webster-packed or unit dose medications, eye drops, creams, inhalers, CPAP machines, diabetes support, nutrition management or modified diets as required.

Policy on Training and Qualifications

Minimum requirements for support team members is: 

  • Certificate III  in Individual Services (or equiv)
  • First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • NDIS Worker Screening
  • National Police Clearance
  • Medication Administration Competency
  • Manual Handling Competency

Policy on Complex Care

Trained staff can provide the following services with a pre-service, RN or Therapist support handover required for : 

    • Dysphasia and Meal Management 
    • Epilepsy and Midazolam
    • Diabetes Management
    • Continence Support (Catheter, Bowel, Bladder Stoma)
    • Positive Behavioural Support (RP implementing provider)
    • Mental Health First Aid and Recovery 

Policy on 24 Hour Excursions

24 Hours shifts away from home are subject to “Excursion” award  conditions and overtime rates apply.

All support team positions are minimum level 2.1 SCHAD’s Community Workers.  The shift is described by a flexible agreement with the following conditions:

  • 6am – 10 pm active support hours (16 Hours)
  • 10pm – 6am non-active, onsite overnight. (8 Hours Sleepover)